Supermarket Shopping In Taxis


Want to enjoy door to door shopping at Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury's, Aldi or Lidl? We want to take you there, just phone 07305 466905?

So this is how simple it is... Surf Cabs Taxis will pick you up for your supermarket shopping and drop you at the front door for just £9.00 RETURN from any Newquay address or £16 RETURN from any Cubert address and £14 RETURN from Crantock. 

Need something in a hurry?

Call 07305 466905 and tell us what you need delivered to a Newquay address. A Bottle of Wine, Milk, Bread, Beer, Lemsip, Indian Takeaway anything really, if we can, we will pick up and deliver.


Surf Cabs often collect my Indian Take Away at a local rate for local people, thank you. Monique Walls, Cubert.

From Asda to Mount Wise, Beer and Bread, £5.50 plus cost of goods. Katie Mount Wise.

Three items from Aldi coming to £6.50 plus a £5.50 taxi rate, great deal. £12.00... job done, didn't leave the house! Hannah from Mayfield.

Book 7 Supermarket Trips To Get Your Next Return Completely Free Of Charge

Book your RETURN Supermarket Shopping Trips just 7 times and we will give you your next RETURN trip FREE OF CHARGE.. Couldn't be simpler. Get your Loyalty Card Stamped.

Introduce a Friend

If you introduce a friend to our Supermarket Specials, then they will have their 2nd RETURN trip Free of Charge, talk to the driver or call to arrange.


Do you help load my shopping? Yes! Do you help me to the house door with my shopping? Yes! Will you wait if I'm running a little late? Yes! Do you pick up when I'm ready to go home? Yes! Do you charge waiting time? Not for 10 minutes! Can you take me somewhere and then straight back? Yes, Wait and return.. Normal price to the destination and half price back.